An Excel Application for
Displaying Digital Photos





Have you ever had a large number of digital photos and no convenient way to view them? How do you display and cycle through them? Been there! These are my solutions using Microsoft Office.


Using Microsoft Excel:
      Build linked Web pages with the Images and then view them using Internet Explorer.

Using Microsoft Powerpoint:
      Import the images into a PowerPoint Presentation and view using PowerPoint.

Automate the above using Visual Basic for Applications.

Display_Images_01.xls is an Excel Workbook does this. Display_Images_01.ppt is a PowerPoint presentation does this. Both are automated using VBA code. Each approach has unique advantages. The Web pages produced by Excel can be directly copied to Web site. The PowerPoint presentation offers some picture editing capabiliites. The resulting products can also be copied to a CD ROM and viewed on any Windows PC.


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