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  • There are differences between Microsoft Office versions. This current application will run on Office XP and 2000. However, the full capability is not available with 2000.
    (If you are interested in an Office 97 or 95 version please email me John.Clark@VelaVentures.com.)

  • The Demo is for your testing and evaluation. It is the same as the full application except that it has a time out.

  • This application requires the use of Microsoft Office Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code. This code will trigger a Macro Warning from Microsoft Office. The Word documents also have a VBA Macro included. You should have the Macros security level set to at most "Medium". The code is self-signed by John G. Clark. This signature is not yet verifable by an outside source such as Verisign.

  • Some virus checkers will also trigger warnings and/or will prevent the code from running with out telling the user.

  • Click here to download a Demo Version.

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