(Two Applications for Displaying Digital Photos)


  • Have you ever had a large number of digital photos and had no convenient way to view them?
    We have two solutions to that problem using Microsoft Office.

  • Display_Images_01.xls is an Excel application that builds Web pages to display all those photos. It requires only three simple steps.  Click here to view some sample Web presentations - Snow, Halloween.

    To download the Demo version of the Excel application click on Display_Images_01_Demo.xls.
    To download the user manual click on Display_Images_xls_01.doc.

  • Display_Images_01.ppt is a Power Point presentation that is an alternative approach that also includes some picture manipulation capabilites. Click on to view some sample presentations - Snow (5meg), Halloween (0.5meg).

    To download the Demo version of the PowerPoint application click on Display_Images_01_Demo.ppt.
    To download the user manual click on Display_Images_ppt_01.doc.

  • These products are free. If you would like a modified/custom version go to Store.

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