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How do I insert the UNC address into a Word Document?



Using Word you can insert a field that will show the current path to the document. Thiere is a build in function that will use the drive letter. This document has user defined fuction that will insert the current path using the UNC name for the drive instead of the drive letter. Instructions are on the first page of the document. The intent of this document is to provide the VBA code for a user to copy and paste to his/her document.

Recommend that you save (save as) the Word Document to a working folder on your hard drive before using any of the controls.

Note - This code returns the name of the drive not the computer.  If you try this on your C drive, it will probably return only the drive letter.  Most of us have not named our C Drive.  If you have named your C drive, you should get the name.

You will get a macro warning when you open the Word document because of the existence of the VBA code. It is perfectly safe. Open with the macros or else the application will not work as advertised.

The VBA code is visible for your modification if desired.

Click here to download the Word Document.

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