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Database Memo Applications Instructions

Database Entries

    ID - Text string, max 50 characters, required entry, can only be entered  when created, cannot be changed.

    Title - Text string, max 255 characters, required entry, can be changed.

    Memo - Text string, max 65k characters.

    Date - Date of last save, automatic entry, cannot be edited.

To view all records leave the Find Textbox empty.

A Password is required for the Edit and New Memo buttons to work. Once the Password has been correctly entered, it does not need to entered again. The Textbox for the password will disappear.

No Password is required to view data.

Data is not saved until the Save button is pushed.

There is server side a time out. Long periods of inaction will lose the link with the database.

Click here to go to the demo Go to Demo.

If you are interested, I will gladly answer any questions - email John G Clark.


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