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How can I update personnel records via the Web?



This demonstration is 2 web pages and an Access database.  There is a Web page for the Personnel Office to use add, delete or edit entries.  There is a second Web page for the individual to edit his own data.  For instance the individual could be allowed to change address, phone number, and emergency contact without going through the Personnel Office.  The individual cannot edit pay rate.  Pay rate can only be change by the Personnel Office.  In addition the individual can only see his information.

These examples use password protection to control editing.  If the Viewer enters no password the Viewer can only read entries, not edit any.  If the Viewer enters the password in the database the viewer will be able to edit selected entries.  If the Viewer enters the Administrator's password (Admin) the Viewer will be able to edit all entries.

This is only a Demo. For an actual installation it would be far more secure to use Windows integrated security.  Exact details depend on your actual network configuration.

Click here to View PersonnelDB Demo

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