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Personnel Data Form Instructions

There are 3 options for viewing the data in the database, depending on the passwords entered.

1) Read Only In this case the viewer can see the data in the database but can not make any changes to it.  No password is required.

2) Edit  In this case the viewer can edit only certain entries in the database.  The database password that is in the database for the individual entry must be entered in the Database Password text box.

3) Admin  In this case the viewer can make any and all changes in the database and can also add and delete entries.  The Administrator's password ("Admin") must be entered in the Administrator's Password text box.

The code will find all employees meeting the criteria.  If there is more than one employee, for instance, if the viewer has requested John Smith and there is a John A and a John B Smith, the first one will be displayed and a note will be shown that more than on has been found.  In that case return to this page and enter more information. 

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