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Things were simple but now that you are bigger they are not so simple.  We can build the tools that make you and your people more productive.

Do you have massive spreadsheets and need to go every where on them to enter and link data?  This is a time killer and an error maker. We can rebuild them and simplify them using forms and code. One entry, one place, one time.

Do you want an Active Web Site that does something?  We build it for you.

Do you wish your Microsoft Application would do that?  We can make it happen.

Canít find the application to do just what you want?  We can build it.

If you have these problems we can help you. Often our choice of data was a good idea at the time, but now that things have evolved and we know more we wish that we had done it differently. Often this restructure can be done easily using code to automate the process.

Many of these solutions can be done in a few weeks and will continue to save you time and effort. Automation such as this not only saves you time but perhaps more importantly will reduce errors. You need only enter information at one time in one place and it will be replicated throughout your application.

We will come to your facility, discuss your specific problems, suggest solutions, and then implement and maintain that solution. For specifics and an estimate to meet your requirements please contact John G. Clark by email. (This discussion is gratis, if within a reasonable distance of Boston, MA.)

For some ideas of what is possible, please view our demonstrations.  We also have a short presentation "The Why and How of Migrating from Spreadsheets to Databases" that we would be glad to present at your facility at your convenience. It is a good starting point for discussing solutions to your problems. Please contact John G. Clark by email to schedule. (Gratis, if within a reasonable distance of Boston, MA.)



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