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We are a developer of customized of Microsoft Office Applications and small to medium stand alone applications, in general, based on Microsoft products. This business is based in Bedford, MA. Vela Ventures includes a network of professionals highly skilled with Microsoft Applications.

Often we find ourselves doing repetitive tasks and asking "Why can't I do this just once? " The answer usually is that with the help of a little code the answer is "You can". Microsoft applications are written with this in mind. Larger organizations can afford a full time person do do all these useful little things that make you more productive. We can help you by providing short term expertise to develop a solution. We will also be around to help if your needs change.

Dr Clark, our principal developer, has much experience developing Microsoft and other applications - see resume. He has been both a manager and a developer and understands the concerns of each. He brings both experiences to your problem. He can help you analyze and decide what is the best approach to your problem and then implement and maintain the solution for you.

We will come to your facility and discuss your concerns gratis and then give you a estimate to accomplish your solution. The solution can be can be done on an hourly or fixed cost basis.

John G. Clark PHD
dba Vela Ventures
107 Davis Road
Bedford, MA 01730-1507
781 223-6060


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