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Protecting an Excel Applications - Often when we write an Excel application we wish to restrict user access to only selected parts of that application. There are at least 3 techniques to consider. 
     1. Use the built in Excel protection commands.
     2. Use the built in Excel protection commands plus compile the sensitive code into a DLL.
     3. Use the built in Excel protection commands plus put everything into a C# DotNet assembly.

There is on the Vela Ventures Web Site a demonstration of the application of Technique 1 and Technique 2.  To accomplish this protection and avoid the tedium of locking and unlocking individual cells an automation of this process was built. describes these applications.  These files have not been protected. You are free to explore them and modify them as you see fit. However, they are not for resale with out the consent of Vela Ventures.


Bedford, MA Marketing Data. - Need local up to date marketing information to target potential customers? Tired of wasting your time and resources? Vela Ventures can help. There is plenty of public information available from the Bedford Town Census. In fact, there are over 10,000 entries. The problem is that the census is not in a ready to use form. The town’s job is to gather the data and make it available, not to help businesses readily access the information. Vela Ventures has built a database and application to view it, sort it and print it using Microsoft Office tools. That’s right. No fancy software needed, just the software you already have. The information can be sorted to get you the information you need.
Read the Instruction Manual this applications to see how useful this tool can be for your business.
Vela Ventures can expand this database by merging it with your current business operations or include the surrounding towns or any town in the Commonwealth.


Random Seating of Students. - Vela Ventures was presented with the following question. “I have 100 students with assigned seating for lunch at 10 tables that sit 10 students at each table. How do I easily randomize the seating so that the students all get to sit with each other but also have the option to ensure that some students do not sit together and that other students continually sit together?” The application StudentSeating.xls does just that. This application is controlled through the use of custom menu item ‘Utilities’. Students are randomly seated, the option is given to adjust seating, and the results are the tabulated for printing. (This spreadsheet has Macros, you will need to set your Tools -> Macro -> Security -> to medium or less to use this application.)
What is presented is the first draft ready for discussion with the user. This is not a finished application. The next step is to tailor the operation and output specific to the customer requirements. This application is presented to show the dynamic flexibility of Excel when using VBA.


Display Digital Images - The objective is to gather digital photos and present them in an easily viewable format. There are a two options. First, there is an Excel Workbook that will build Web pages ready for display. Second, there is a PowerPoint presentation that will import pictures and allow you to minipulate the pictures and add a watermark.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages.  (Display_Images).


Address Book - This is an Access Application that can be used to keep personal and business contacts. Why use this Vela Ventures app? You have complete access to the source code to add your own personal touches. (Address Book).


DVD, CD, VHS Inventory - This is an Access Application that can be used to keep track of your DVD/Movies. You can also do various sorts to find an actor, director or movie type. Why use this Vela Ventures app? You have complete access to the source code to add your own personal touches. (Movie Inventory).




Power Point - TSA_Project.ppt is simply a Power Point file that presents information. It is a discussion of why you should use MS Project in a particular application. TSA_Project.htm is the same Power Point file saved as an HTML file. It is a reasonable presentation for a few slides but can get unwieldy as the number grows. It is completely unmaintainable in HTML, but then it is not intended to be maintained in HTML. Let PowerPoint do it. Update the PowerPoint file and rebuild the HTML files. For simple presentation this may be adequate. It is cheap and simple.


CSS Review - This is a review of Cascading Style Sheets. The presentation looks like it is using frames (similiar to the previous presentation), but it is not. It is a table and the left column is dynamically created using database. The advantage is that this provides a visual display of where you are in the presentation. It also presents alternate versions of the presentation using the same data. The presentation order is stored in the database and can by modified simply by updating the database. (CSS Review)


XML Review - This is a review of XML. It is similiar in design to the CSS Review, but has more Web pages and is more sophisticated. (XML Review)


Web Sites (static)


Caribbean Poles - This Web site (Caribbean Poles) demo uses duplicate Web pages (Spanish and English) with the ability to switch between them and then continue the navigation in the new language. Data for both pages could be stored in a single Access table if it were more complex or more dynamic.


Boston Harbor Sailing Center - This is a display of the current Sailboat Racing results. Vela Ventures did not design this site (Boston Harbor Sailing), but has responsiblity for the racing part (Racers Switchboard). Its design is straight forward. The innovation is in the Excel spreadsheet that rearranges the racing results as collected at the finish line for presentation on the Web page. It creates an HTML table ready for insertion in tha Web page. (Excel Spreadsheet).


Web Sites (interactive)


Jobar - This is a redo of an existing Web site. The Web site was all static HTML pages. (It has since been rebuilt Jobar). The redo, which looks exactly like the earlier Web site, was done using Active Server pages and a database (Jobar Redo). There are far fewer actual pages on the Web site. In addition the ability to edit/add/delete data via the Web is provided (edit/add/delete pages). This Access database was built from an Excel spreadsheet using VBA code (Excel Spreadsheet). This alternative may be preferable if you are hosting your own Web site.


Personnel Database - Updating a personnel database via the web. (Database Demo) This a sample personnel database in Access database that contains personnel records. This database can be accessed from the web for reading, editing selected entries or editing all entries depending on password.


Web based Info Sharing - This is a database driven way of sharing information on the web and allowing viewers to add comments. (Memo Demo)


Interactive Web Sites Built using Visual Studio Dot Net and C# - Web based sites with data stored in a Web Hosted SQL Server.  (SQL Server Web Sites)




Contacts/Actions Tracking - This is way of maintaining customer contacts and actions. Click here for more info (Action Tracking Demo).


How do I move all my Excel data to an Access database? - This example is an Excel to Access example (Excel Access Demo). It extracts tabular data from an Excel Workbook and uses it to build an Access table containing all the Excel Workbook data.


Finding the UNC name - This a Word Document with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code that displays the UNC name of the computer where it is saved (Document with UNC VBA code).




These products are free for your personal use. All code is visible and you are free to modify that code for your own personal use. However, these products can not be redistributed "as is" or "modifed" without the written permission of Vela Ventures.

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